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About Us began life as Ray Pac Multimedia, an e-learning company, in 1997 developing courseware and computer-based Mock Test for schools in Singapore. When internet-based testing became popular, the company went live online in 2003. The site was completely revamped and took on its present form and name in 2007. The focus has also changed from local to international.

What is is designed with the needs of test authors and users in mind.
It is a place for students and working adults to access free mock tests and exercises that are useful for their test preparation. is also the place for authors to publish their tests either for free dissemination to the public or for financial rewards by way of private subscriptions from users authorised by them.

At, users can share their experiences and trade tips with their peers in the Forum.

Teachers, educators and administrators can easily conduct a quick survey on any subject by creating a poll in the forum. It is simple and convenient, and it saves money.

This site is mainly sustained by revenue from advertisements and sponsorships. So, public access on this site is generally free. Private usage will only incur a token fee, a small fraction of the prevailing market rates.

With, you can:
  • Access all kinds of tests that might interest or benefit you

  • Upload your text and images to create your own tests

  • Disseminate your tests for free so that people from all over the world can enjoy

  • Restrict your tests to your private group of users either for free or for monetary gains

  • Share test tips, expertise and experiences with people of similar interest

  • Conduct surveys or polls in the forum endeavours to build a community of like-minded people who share similar interest for intellectual satisfaction or for academic / professional attainment.