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Test Authoring - 6 Easy Steps

  1. Create Topics

  2. First create a list of topics which you would later use to classify your questions. This is done by selecting 'Create Topic' inside MyAccount.

  3. Create Questions

  4. There are 4 kinds of questions that can be created namely:

    • True or False:
      User to select either True or False

    • Multiple-choice:
      User to select one answer among several options

    • Multiple-select:
      User to select one or more answers among several options

    • User-input:
      User to type an answer consisting of one or more words

    To create a question, just select the link corresponding to the kind of question required. Then type in the text for the question, options, answers, number of marks and number of options. Also select a topic and images for uploading, if any.

    For User-input questions, you have a choice of 'Exact words matching' or 'Key words matching' for marking. 'Key words matching' is suitable for creating open-ended questions where the answer to be submitted by the user is expected to be unpredictable except for the key words.

  5. Create Tests

  6. Click on 'Create Test' and select from a list of questions which you have created above. The selected questions will form your test.

    To customise your test, just set the following available options:

    • Test Title: Give test a title
    • Main Cat: Select main category of test
    • Sub-Cat: Select sub-category of test
    • Time Limit: Set time limit in minutes or zero for no limit
    • Description: Test description
    • Instruction: Instruction for test takers
    • Display Qs: Choice of showing questions 'All together' or 'One by one'
    • Solution: Select checkbox to show solutions after test
    • Publish: Select checkbox to publish test after test-run
    • Test Users: Choice of test access to 'All Users' or 'Private Group Users Only'

  7. Test-run

  8. This is where you get to see your test in action before publishing it. Select 'Test Run' and do a thorough test yourself. Take note of the changes you would like to make.

  9. Editing

  10. This is where you get to refine your test. Take this opportunity to iron out the bugs and improve the display. Keep on editing and test-running till you are fully satisfied with the result.

  11. Publish Test

  12. You should publish your test only after it has been thoroughly tested and debugged because once published and used by someone, it cannot be edited anymore.

    To publish, select 'Edit Test' and then the title of your choice.
    Select the 'Publish' checkbox and save. That's it! You have done it. Your test will show up in the Tests page ready for use.