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Although some schools and organisations are fortunate enough to have their e-learning system developed in-house or out-sourced, not all have the budget or resources to do that. In fact, the majority of students and users worldwide do not have access to e-learning. hopes to address a small part of this deficiency by providing a free platform for test authors and users to interact and share information.

There are also other areas which could prove useful. Here are some of them.


The business environment today is more challenging than the past. In this global market, new products and competition can appear suddenly out of nowhere. Product lifespan is also getting shorter. Market share can disappear overnight. This kind of environment favours the nimble footed. Those who can adapt to changes quickly will flourish.

  • Sales & Product Training

    Along with shorter product lifespan there will be an increasing need for product upgrades and new product lines at a faster pace. Sales and Product Managers need to keep up with these changes and prepare their sales force for battle in the market place. The task will be even more challenging if the sales staff are spread over a wide geographical area within a country or across the world.

    How then can the managers know if their sales people located far away from the HQ have the same product knowledge as those from the main office? If not, is the company paying the price of losing sales due to poor product knowledge on the part of the sales people? provides the ideal solution. Simple and intuitive, enables Sales and Product Managers with no programming knowledge to create tests and delivers them quickly and economically to their sales force anywhere around the world. It saves time and money for the company. Hence, the sooner it is implemented, the healthier the sales figure will be.

  • Staff Recruitment

    When job applicants respond in large numbers to your staff recruitment drive, how can you quickly sort out those who possess the kind of professional knowledge, aptitude and attitude that are required for the job from those that don't?

    Human Resource Professionals are constantly being stretched and challenged in their efforts to recruit the most talented and suitable candidates for their company. While conventional face-to-face interviews remain indispensable, it is also a very time consuming process.

    Pre-screening candidates by way of custom-made tests can help to short-list a large number of applicants and reduce it to a smaller, more managable number.

    For recruitment exercises that are conducted over long distances or international in scope, would be even more useful in helping to pre-screen these candidates in their hometown. It saves time and money, and results in greater convenience for both the employer as well as the applicants.

  • Staff Training & Continuing Education

    Life-long learning is the buzzword in the new economy. Employees are required to be trained and re-trained over and over again throughout the span of their careers as they move from one area of duty to another. Staff training is an expensive affair. Hence, companies would be wise to monitor the results of their efforts and the effectiveness of their training methods. provides a way to quantify the results of their training. Together with other existing methods within the organisation, it will help to provide some form of measurement on the effectiveness of their training programmes.

  • Jobs where Safety Procedures are paramount

    Some jobs require strict adherence to safety procedures where negligence in those areas could potentially exposed their companies or organisations to huge legal claims and liabilities. Examples include life-and-death situations in the health-care business, demanding specifications in the aircraft maintenance and manufacturing industries, etc.

    Having an electronic record of any tests that indicates compliance to industry standards and procedures can help to ensure that the legal position of the company is not compromised in the event of a claim initiated by the employees, the customers or members of the public. A company's public image and value would also be enhanced if it is known to be self-appraising in policy.

Schools & Colleges

  • Test Preparation

    Practice makes perfect. Teachers can use to create mock tests and exercises to help their students prepare for their coming examinations. Great productivity can be achieved by saving all questions in the repository and drawing upon them as and when needed.

    Precious time is also saved when repetitive work is reduced and marking is automated.

  • Homework can also served as the platform for teachers to create homework or assignments for their students. Students need only to complete them at their own pace in the comfort of their homes.